Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Married Man Shares His Story - 'How His Girlfriend Ruined His Marriage!'

A true life story/confession and a lesson for some of you guys out there. Never trust a girlfriend you are cheating with? 
I will make my story short. I used to have a girlfriend who had a son I adored and was more like a father figure to. I never lied to my gf about my wife while we were dating and we got on well for so long. But with time, she had an altercation with my wife which I totally disapproved of. I scolded my girlfriend and she begged me that she will never do such again. And due to the strange affection and love I had for her, our relationship continued but never like before again.  
I blocked her contact details on my wife's phone to prevent future calls or interactions. I
thought I had secured everything to prevent any further occurrence of trouble with my wife and save my home. Unfortunately, unknown to me, my gf had already sent pictures of my penis, my face, my shorts to my wife. This happened during a fun chat we had and unknowingly to me, my girlfriend was saving the snapshots. 
The trouble started all over again with my wife after she confronted me with the pictures. I felt ashamed and hated myself. I couldn't deny it. I know it really hurts for anybody to see such and I pleaded with my wife for her forgiveness. 
I later sent messages to my girlfriend, telling her of the havoc she has caused in my home. She never replied but rather, I received a text from her telling me - Olorun a ba yin yan ju e, meaning - God will settle it for you.  
The message was like a sword that pierced through my heart! No remorse or apology!! I had never thought that someone I so wished good things for never cared about me. 
Please let all men out there know there is no girlfriend that can be trusted! I didn't only have my fingers burnt, but also half of my body.

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