Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Naija wonders! Secondary school students threaten to kill Corpers in Kogi??

Culled from Linda Ikeji.
It's no good news to hear that NYSC Corp Members are treated with discontentment in Kogi State, especially in remote local government like Olamaboro.
There have been cases of some drunk youths ganging up to launch attack on corpers at their capital project sites, accusing them of integrating strange norms into their culture
Let me go straight to what I witnessed this morning. I woke up this morning like every other boring mornings in the village where I serve, dressed up, and went to the school. On arrival, all the students were gathered at one corner looking at me and the other Corp members, some with satisfaction, while others with pity.
On getting to the class rooms, we saw some write-ups directly warning me and other three(3) batch A Corp members. The pictures attached to this email will help tell the story better (even with the wrong English). Continue...
As am writing this report, four(4)  of us (batch A) and two (2) other batch C corpers are on hide out, praying God to intervene on the issue.
Batch A passing out parade (POP) comes up on the  13th of February, and the question is why would people whose lives we have impacted for close to one year decide to reward us with death threats?

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