Thursday, 30 January 2014


A 32-year-old woman who is said to have successfully gotten married to two different men legally in Ghana is at the centre of a complex investigation by the police.
A source who disclosed this to The Finder said the first marriage was registered in Accra and the second marriage in Somanya, Eastern Region.

According to the source, Maximus Anumah, who works with the 37 Military Hospital, married Patience Belinda Gyamfi somewhere in 2012.

The source said the engagement took place at Belinda’s Fathers’ house at Akrade in the Asuogyaman District of the Eastern Region while the wedding took place at a church in Labadi, Accra. The marriage was registered at the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA).

The source explained that Mr Anumah and Belinda reside at Labadi. Mr Anumah has children from a previous relationship but Belinda has no children.

The source said in mid January, Belinda sought permission from her husband to go to Edumfa Prayer Camp in the Central Region for fasting and prayers to seek divine intervention so they could have children, to which her husband granted the request.

The source told The Finder that unknown to Mr Anumah, Belinda, her father and some family members had arranged a secret wedding with another man, Audrey Atikpo, who came down from the United States of America (USA). How they met is yet to be established.

The source noted that according to the second marriage certificate, Belinda got married to Atikpo on January 31, 2013 and registered the marriage at the Somanya Magistrate Court.

The source indicates that Atikpo rented an apartment at East Legon where he stayed with Belinda for some days and went back to the US to process the necessary documents for Belinda to join him there.

When Atikpo left, the source said Belinda packed back to her first husband’s house at Labadi in mid February 2013, pretending that she was returning from Edumfa Prayer Camp, where she spent more than a month there.

According to the source, ever since Belinda returned to Labadi, she always found faults with anything that Anumah did, resulting in frequent misunderstandings.

Few months later, the source stated that Belinda’s father brought drinks and GHC300 to Anumah saying his daughter wanted divorce, but Anumah rejected the items.

The source noted that Anumah became suspicious of the persistent calls Belinda received from a gentleman and a woman from the US.

The source told The Finder that when Anumah enquired about the calls, Belinda said the man (Belinda’s second husband Atikpo) is her cousin and the woman (Belinda’s mother in-law in US) is her aunty.

Not satisfied with the answers, the source said Anumah became suspicious and started searching for his own clues. 

According to the source, it was in the course of the search that Anumah found a piece of paper in their room bearing the name and address of Atikpo.

The source stated that Anumah went on Facebook, searched for Audrey Atikpo and sent him a friendship request. 

The source observed that Atikpo accepted the request only to see Anumah and Belinda’s wedding photos in Anumah’s Facebook photos.

This, the source said, made Atikpo confront Anumah and the two men both claimed to be the rightful husband of Belinda.

According to the source, that night Atikpo called Belinda from the US and confronted her on the matter. 

The source stated that the following day Belinda packed all her belongings from Anumah’s house and went back to the house Atikpo rented for her at East Legon.

Anumah, who felt fooled and cheated by Belinda, reported the case to the police, who are investigating the matter, the source added.

The source said Belinda and her father have been charged with bigamy by the police.

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