Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Photos: Jaywon Shoots Goldie's Tribute Video

In less than 3 weeks, it will be one year Goldie left. The singer who died after returning from Grammy Awards last year has not been forgotten. Her one time label mate, Jaywon has just shot a tribute video for her which will be released on the 14th of February, 2014, the exact day she died last year.  Jaywon said;

"I miss everything about her. She was the only one I could confide in. She was my friend, big sister and had a very good heart, ever since she passed on I haven't found anyone to confide in and I don't know if I will ever find any" he told HipHopWorld Magazine. See images from the shoot after the cut. May her soul continue to rest in peace. We would have seen new musical videos from her if she was still here. We miss those powerful rich costumes! Rest on Goldie. 

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